Friday Faves: Summer Vibes Satori Style

Summer is here! Grab your sunscreen and your cooler because we are anticipating a hot one. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with a bomb Summer Vibes Playlist for all of our Satori fans and supporters! Whether you are going to the beach, hitting the open road, or just sitting poolside our carefully curated playlist will get you into that summer vibe. Speaking of vibes, have you ever thought about your customer’s vibes? (You like that not-so-subtle switch to marketing talk? We thought so!)

Your customers have vibes. Maybe they are sunglasses on, convertible top down, blasting music on the highway kind of people. Or maybe they are more hammock, chill music, and a cold drink in their hand kind of people. So, what kind of people are your customers? That’s for you to decide!

Once you’re vibing with your customer’s vibes, target those vibes with your marketing strategy. You feelin’ our vibes? Facebook ads do a great job of helping you figure out your target audience. You can target their age, gender, interests, location, and so much more. Once you figure out who your customers are, you can easily appear on their newsfeed!

Everything should revolve around your target audience, even your company’s blog. Take our blog, for example. It focuses on marketing (duh), our clients, and our business’s accomplishments which interests our readers, current clients, and future clients. We know exactly who we’re trying to vibe with so we create content for them.

We know our client’s vibes (they’re wonderful by the way) and we work hard to vibe with them!

Now that you understand our definition of vibing, check out our summer vibes on the playlist below and get vibing with your customers!

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