New Furniture: A Much Needed Make Over!

When you’re a small business, sometimes having a nice lobby area with eye-catching furniture is the last thing on your mind. It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll worry about it later. It’s not as important as payroll or that new client you’re chasing. But the thing is, it IS important. So that means that it’s time to throw out that 11-year old couch sitting in your lobby that may or may not smell like your cat!

So why are we talking about furniture right now? Well, check out our much-needed make-over! Goodbye fraternity house couch; hello classy!

The fabulous peeps at Lindsey’s Office Furniture truly transformed our space. Michelle Coughran, their in-house designer, took our space from warehouse to showroom floor AND, don’t think we had to sell our kidneys to make it happen! They definitely know how to stretch the small business dollar.



So, stop by when you’re ready for a glass of wine on the sectional. Or maybe a beer in a blue chair. We’re ready!

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