A Fight for Change

At Satori, we crave disruption because it pushes forward-thinking and creates excellent work. That same forward-thinking is what creates progress and change in the world we know today.

Recent heartbreaking racist events involving George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have caused an explosion of uproar across the globe. Though this has been prevalent in our society for years, these events have brought on a public awakening that parallels the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. They are bringing new opportunities for education, inclusivity and, most of all, progress.

Our team has always believed in diversity and inclusivity within our agency. Not only are we a team of artists, writers, strategists, PR experts, brand fans…and maybe a comedian or two, but we are also a team of different skin colors, cultural backgrounds, religious affiliations and more. We keep a mix of company and celebrate our differences because life experience makes the marketing world go ‘round. But now is not just a time to celebrate those who are different and invite them in; it is a time to inspire us all to greater action.

Take Action!

Racial injustice is an issue that affects us all because it is an issue of humanity. It is time to incite real change, but we can’t do that divided and unequal. And we can’t do that on the sidelines. We must move forward. We must cause disruptions within the media, our political systems and our everyday lives. No longer can we stick to the status quo. How can you make that happen? We’re glad you asked, and we have just a few ideas:

  • VOTE! Especially in your local and state elections.
  • SPEAK UP when you see racial injustice.
  • DONATE to causes fighting for racial equality.
  • SUPPORT businesses, restaurants, works of art etc. created by people of color.
  • GET INVOLVED attend public forums on policing, join an organization, understand the policies in place so that you can work to change them.

Satori stands with those fighting for equality. Many of our team members have already begun to take steps to initiate change further. We are using our influence and voices to speak on panels, create new diverse programs within our organizations, and start conversations within our circles. And that’s just the beginning of what we have committed to. We hope the heightened awareness inspires YOU to do the same and fight for racial equality for people of color.

Educate Yourself

If you would like to learn more and take action for change, you can visit these sites:

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