Put Your Hard Hats On – REME Homes

Satori is building quite a team with our newest partner, REME Homes! Specializing in urban development, REME Homes is a home building company that serves major metropolitan areas all across Texas. With a strong dedication to excellence, attention to details, their knack for building beautiful single and multi-family homes has led to great success. We cannot wait to see what happens next for this team!

In 2013, friends Daniel Blanco, Alex Wilson, and Philip Carey put their heads together and founded a small residential investment company called PAD Investments. Each having their own distinct background in real estate, they all brought a unique value proposition to the table. After realizing the Houston market needed more than just another investment company, REME Homes (Real Estate Made Easy) was born.

Not only are they a team that builds distinguished homes but they truly understand the industry from every angle. They pride themselves on extreme detail (much like your favorite marketing group) and create modern homes built on the foundation of quality craftsmanship.

Over the years, REME has evolved into a company focusing on more than homebuilding. Now specializing in land development, commercial building, and investment opportunities. REME Homes is quickly becoming a known name in the residential real estate market. We know we are excited for what our partnership will bring! Stay tuned for what may come next for these building gurus.

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