Mess with a Squid, you get the Ink

Loyal Satorians, meet your newest shaman in the arts of web and graphics. Me: Jacob a.k.a. Ink!

I heard a rumor that all the wildest marketers were being held in one location and I decided to join them. I’ve been here less than a week, but the fast-paced environment makes it feels like months. Is that good or bad? Who cares!

I was born and raised in Houston, briefly living in Mexico when I was a toddler. I am fluent in Spanish and making quesadillas. I love to explore Houston, so I don’t need any GPS to get around this town. This combination also means I am lost often, but that gives me the chance to explore even more.

Ink as in India ink, pen ink, squid ink, I use it all! Except for squid ink. It’s hard to get a proper grip on the squid; even when you do, very little ink comes out and you’re left with lines etched into your paper and one angry squid. So I don’t mess with squids anymore. Now, I stick with fountain pens and calligraphy ink to write letters to anyone willing to read them.

If I’m not magically moving pixels with CSS or hand-writing letters destined to travel the globe, I’m getting my hands dirty with block printing ink. I like to create relief prints by carving both wood and linoleum. With those blocks, I can make multiple images on all types of fabric and paper. My best piece of work was a 3’ x 5’ wood carved print that was bought by Saint Arnold and now hangs in their Investor’s Lounge.

Even though things move fast here at Satori, that’s just the kind of pace I like most, and I’m excited to be a part of the team!


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