Friday Faves: Fries for Days

Happy National French Fry Day! It’s a truly wonderful day and you can bet we are celebrating with all the fries. In fact, we love fries so much that we’ve decided to integrate them into the perfect marketing strategy! From the various types, versatility, and constant success of French fries, they are the key to creating the perfect, delicious marketing strategy.


When you really think about it, “French fry” is a pretty general term. They could be thick, thin, curly, waffle, hand-cut, sweet potato, donut fries (we’re looking at you Dunkin’ Donuts!), and so many more options. Every restaurant has their signature French fry. Chick-fil-a has their waffle fries. Jack-in-the-box has their curly fries. Of course, every mom and pop diner needs hand-cut fries.

Likewise, there are many different types of marketing strategies including digital marketing, traditional marketing, integrated marketing, event marketing, and others. Much like our favorite side, every business needs to use the best strategy for their business objective. An online business might focus on digital marketing strategies while a business targeting older generations might focus on more traditional marketing.

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Once you decide on the type of fries you’re craving, the condiments and toppings that complement your fries are endless. There’s classic ketchup, European mayo, late-night dipped in a milkshake, fair-food chili, and cheese, or fancy truffle oil and parmesan. Getting hungry yet?

Your marketing strategy also needs to be versatile. It’s an overview of how you will market your company and needs to be able to change as your business changes. As your business grows and changes so will your goals, target audience, or trendy marketing tactics.

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I don’t know about you, but here at Satori, we will judge a restaurant depending on how tasty their fries are. The better the fries, the more likely our hungry bellies will return! If not, we might not be back. Just like French fries can make or break a restaurant, your marketing strategy can make or break your business’ success.

You can have an innovative idea, a stunning website, or great prices, but without the marketing to pull people in, you won’t be very effective. Your marketing strategy is how people learn about you, why they choose you, and why they keep coming back. Choose the right type of marketing strategies for you, keep it versatile, and you’ll find marketing success.

Friday Faves: Fries for Days by Satori Marketing, a Houston Marketing Agency

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