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Reddit’s Success

According to the status report from Alexa, a web-traffic data analytics company, and a post from an active user, Reddit recently beat out Facebook as the third-most visited website in the United States. Currently, Reddit is now considered the fifth-most visited website in the country. Furthermore, they generate an average of fifteen minutes of daily time spent on the site, which is five minutes more than Facebook’s average. You are probably wondering what is so great about Reddit? Why is it not considered one of the top social media platforms, along with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Probably because Reddit strays from the usual social media format.

Let us walk you through the basics of Reddit:

Content Becomes Conversation

On this website, you can post just about anything you want. A funny cat video, a link to a juicy news article, a hilarious meme about your favorite TV show, or even a ridiculous question that anyone can help you answer. The sky is the limit. What is inevitable with any Reddit post is that people are going to start a conversation about your post, adding comments with all kinds of unfiltered responses. All Reddit posts really become a chain of comments and turn into a full-blown conversation.

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Popularity is Based on Votes

Reddit users are more likely to see posts if they are voted up enough. If a Reddit post receives thousands of up-votes, then you might find the post on the main homepage. There is also have the option to down-vote a post, decreasing the likelihood of it being seen by users. Not only can you up-vote or down-vote a post, but you can also add comments on a post. The posts with the most up-votes will be the most popular and ultimately the most seen.

Reddit is “the front page of the internet”

Known for displaying a diverse range of content, Reddit claims their website is “the front page of the internet”. When you browse the website, you will find the most random posts gracing the front page. At this very moment, the top post is a story about the missing Thai boys found alive in a cave after nine days, with a link to the article from the BBC. The following post is about the world record for the longest time spent awake. The next is a picture defying the laws of gravity with water coming out of a faucet sideways due to the tilt of a cruise ship. Anytime you jump on Reddit, the top posts are unpredictable. Just like any news feed around the world, you never know what people are going to talk about next.

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Now you’re probably thinking, why do I need to know about Reddit? Why is Satori Marketing telling me Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the country? Look at this from a marketing standpoint. If your business is on social media and focusing their marketing efforts on social media advertising, should your business be on Reddit?

To answer that question, it depends on your business! If you make a Reddit account and try to sell something, you will probably get reported or receive some abusive comments in your post. Reddit is used to find interesting and intriguing content. If your business can showcase that, give it a shot!

Think of the site as an outlet for blogging about your business. Post some exciting content Redditors would want to read. There are all kinds of topics that could rise to stardom on Reddit:

  • Art
  • Fitness
  • Animals
  • TV shows
  • Food
  • Politics

If your business is capable of posting some seriously cool content on Reddit, secure your spot. Find your claim to Reddit fame! Reddit is generating around the same amount of traffic as Facebook. Your business is bound to receive some publicity on this site if your content is engaging enough.


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