Ya’ Know What’s Pawsome?

When you are able to host events to benefit dogs. We think that’s pretty freakin’ PAWSOME!


Don’t look now, but dogs are cool. They’ll greet you like you’ve been gone a century when you’ve only been gone five minutes. Unlike people (and most cats), they love you unconditionally. Dogs are simply THE BEST! And ya’ know what’s PAWSOME? We have the privilege to dig up dollars for our furry friends in need, through our event, Turn Up with Your Pup, on May 18th at Truck Yard Houston.

This event is exactly what it sounds like: a community event WITH your dog and FOR your dog! We invite all our 2-legged AND 4-legged friends to enjoy food trucks, games, a silent auction, dog adoptions, and much more – all to benefit the Houston SPCA.

Ya’ know what else is PAWSOME?


  • When you find an amazing organization like the Houston SPCA, our AMAZING partner on our two flagship events: Mudbugs for Mutts AND Turn Up with Your Pup.

The Houston SPCA is Houston’s first and largest animal protection organization. They care for not just dogs and cats, but also birds, horses, farm animals, and even wildlife. We couldn’t dream of a more worthy partner to support our canine events. And this inspired us to start our own non-profit agency, wet noses, in order to aide with fundraising for groups like these. ABSOLUTELY PAWSOME.


Marché has worked with Jim for nearly 15 years. Over that time, he has often proven himself to be an animal lover and philanthropist. This year, he really stepped up his Pup Game with his commitment as the title sponsor for the 2nd Annual Mudbugs for Mutts on Mar 28th. Jim has always been a force in the commercial and industrial development industry, but now, thanks to his generosity, he will be a force in the fight for puppydom.

This event is open to the general public. A small $10 donation gets attendees a steaming plate of mudbugs and some spicy southern sides. Attendees are also encouraged to donate their gently used linens and towels for the Houston SPCA’s Campus for All Animals, where tens of thousands of animals are brought into their care each year. Mudbugs for Mutts welcomes ALL Houstonians alike: pet owners, animal lovers, mudbug fanatics, and people who like music, games, and a great time. And your pet? TOTALLY AWESOME.


  • When you decide to host a happy hour that turns into a full-scale event (Turn Up with Your Pup) and it’s a success the very first year.

We had no idea what to expect from our 1stTurn Up with Your Pup event, as its origins were to be a modest happy hour at the Satori office! But as marketers do, brainstorm after brainstorm quickly grew this event to a full-fledged, bona fide summer festival. Through a lot of blood, sweat, and beers, the event attracted 700+ attendees and raised over $4,000 for the Houston SPCA! TRULY PAWSOME.


  • When you finally achieve a Bucket List Goal: Form a non-profit, animal welfare charity called Texas Wet Noses.

All thanks to the dedication of our wonderful board members, Texas Wet Noses was founded last year. Our mission? To improve lives in Texas for the mutual benefit of domestic animals and humans, through education and support. The non-profit organization aims to help provide financial support to animal organizations and advocates in need. WET NOSE PAWSOME.


For more information on Mudbugs for Mutts, please click here.

For more information on Turn Up with Your Pup, please visit TurnUpwithYourPup.com.

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