A New Client from Across the Pond

A new client has climbed aboard the Satori Train – welcome Cokebusters USA! Founded in 2005, Cokebusters offers a combination of mechanical decoking and tube inspection for oil refineries. The founder, John Phipps oversaw the first mechanical decoke at an oil refinery in Wales in 1993. Since then, Cokebusters has established a strong team and unstoppable force, going on to open the USA headquarters in 2012.

Since sailing across the Pond, Cokebusters USA has shattered their industry, gaining exponential popularity and success. With that new success, they needed a new marketing team that would help keep their company on top. We were up for the challenge – plus who doesn’t love a little competition between the USA and England! After first tasking us with the development of a magazine ad, we will continue our partnership with the creation of a brand-new website that will be as modern and revolutionary as their technology.

The success of the Cokebusters team precedes them, and Satori only hopes to elevate their services as they continue their journey. It’s not just their charming accents that keep us coming back; we love the disruptive and innovative nature of their company. Cokebusters is the only company in the world that brings together the tradition of “pigging” and tube inspection under one roof. It may sound technical now, but trust us, when we are done with our campaign, there will be an entirely different meaning to the words decoking and pigging, a sexier definition by far. We can’t wait to see what new projects lay ahead. Need a little help understanding what they do? No worries, we did too. Here is a video to break it all down.

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