We Tied the Knot!

We are excited to announce that Satori is partnering with an East End neighbor: a family-owned company called Houston Mooring Company. Houston Mooring Co. has been mooring and unmooring vessels along the Houston Ship Channel since 1928. With huge clients and a heavy workload (because, ships), Houston Mooring Co. still looks to expand their reach by updating the look of their brand by giving a face to their business via the web. That’s where Satori comes in. We are excited to give this historic business a bold new look and a strong online presence.

Houston Mooring Co, Inc. owns and maintains a large fleet of mooring boats that tie down vessels(that’s what mooring means!) along the Houston Ship Channel. The company has local and global customers, as they provide ship owners, charterers, and agencies with docking solutions in the Greater Houston area. As the Houston Ship Channel continues to expand, we are excited to do all we can to help our neighbors grow their customer base.

We are thrilled to be working alongside other businesses around us in the booming East side of town, thanks in part to the East End Chamber of Commerce.

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