Fantastic Murals And Where to Find Them

Most people don’t know what they are missing out in East Downtown, (Now called EaDo by all the cool kids!). If you’ve been around the East End part of Houston, you may have noticed the incredible murals that paint the community walls. EaDo is quickly becoming the hub for artists in Houston. Satorians feel right at home driving by them on our early commute to work or while making a quick coffee run. Visually, there is so much to take in. If you aren’t familiar with EaDo’s decorative streets, we advise you to make a day trip out of it. Here are some of our favorites:

Harrisburg Arts Museum

Harrisburg Arts Museum

The Harrisburg Arts Museum, or HAM Houston, received its current face-lift thanks to the 2017 edition of Meeting of Styles. Over a weekend in September 2017, local graffiti writers, street artists, and art aficionados came together to celebrate art with a can of aerosol. HAM is now a showcase of wild-style letterforms, colorful characters, and detailed masterpieces that cover the interior and exterior of the old warehouse.

Talento Bilingue Houston

Talento Bilingue Houston (TBH), is a community center that focuses on Hispanic Heritage and Culture. The murals elaborately painted on their exterior walls were all done by Hispanic artists as part of the HUE Mural Festival 2016. Ten artists from all over Mexico and two local Houstonian artists were brought together to add some life and color to the well-deserving building. Make sure to walk to the back of the building to catch works by popular street artists, Los Metzican, REAL3, GRACMOR, and El Ocote to name a few. TBH welcomes all visitors, especially those who enjoy learning about Hispanic art and culture.

Graffiti Park Houston

Graffiti Park

Some of you might be familiar with Austin’s Graffiti Park, but what you might not know is that Houston has a larger Graffiti Park of its own. It doesn’t change as often, but you can park close by without hiking up or down a hill. Graffiti Park Houston contains many murals, with the larger murals curated by GONZO247 as part of the HUE Mural Festivals 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Part of Graffiti Park, on the southeast face of the old Meridian building, you can currently view the most recent mural designed by GONZO. Inspired by the local street art, McDonald’s wanted to create a mural that showcased Houston as a city, as well as incorporating their brand. The large mural beautifully accomplishes that goal and even includes a heart at the perfect size for an Instagram picture.

Some of the world-renowned artists represented at Graffiti Park include Icy and Sot, The London Police, Anamarrieta, Pez, Neuzz, Studio FLOP, RISK, and Crisp. All the work at Graffiti Park spans around a two or three block area, so make sure to fully explore the area to find your favorite.

Visit The Home of Satori

This community is so stimulating, we recommend you take a drive and see for yourself. (Make sure to stop by Satori when you do!) We’re super thankful for the artists that have made EaDo what it is and for the property owners that give them the freedom to express themselves. These artists keep us inspired with everything we do.

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