The Secret Life of Colors

It isn’t a coincidence that almost every fast-food chain has red or yellow in their logo – Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc. Choosing the right colors is a crucial part of developing your brand’s identity. Different colors have the ability to speak to your consumer’s subconscious without them even realizing it! Here is a quick and easy guide to the psychology behind some of the most common colors in branding.



Red is one of the most common colors used in branding. Why is it so popular? Its boldness makes you stop (cough, cough, stop signs). The color red brings urgency to your brain. It also triggers the appetite section of your brain, which is why we commonly associate red with feelings of hunger or romance. 



Blue symbolizes trust, peace, and reliability. It is known to provide calmness and reduce anxiety, so a lot of long-term companies will choose to incorporate blue into their branding. Companies like American Express, Amazon, Best Buy, are all companies that depend on having long-lasting relationships with their customers, so choosing a color that eases anxiety and brings a sense of peace and trust is perfect for them.



Yellow is a color that brings feelings of optimism and cheerfulness. It gives about a feeling a youth and joy, but if used too much can make a client feel anxious. If paired with the right colors, it can bring a sense of warmth and brightness. Usually yellow pairs alongside with reds and blues like McDonalds or Amazon. 



Green is often used when symbolizing health or nature. It brings a feeling of peace and growth. A lot of companies trying to promote a healthy product or idea will use green in their branding or companies with a nature focus like Whole Foods and Subway. 



White is a color that symbolizes purity and cleanliness. A perfect example is Dove Soap, a product that literally cleanses your skin. White also can bring about feelings of perfection. Think about Apple’s branding. They keep everything sleek and simple, and it makes you feel like you are getting a near-perfect product.

For a great reference, take a look at our branding. What colors could better fit Satori than yellow and blue? With a name that means enlightenment, we had to have the yellow burst of optimism and joy. Paired with the blue, it brings a sense of peace, trust, and dependability. And that’s exactly what Satori brings to our clients. 

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