Lay’s and Generation Z: Chip, Chip, Hooray!

We do a lot of redesigning here at Satori, and we are always excited to see what other brands come up with! Which is why we were so excited to hear about our favorite potato chip, Lay’s, redesigning their packaging and website. Neither have seen a make-over since 2007. 2007! That’s the year the first iPhone was released. The year Britney Spears had her breakdown. The year the last Harry Potter book was published. 2007 feels like a lifetime ago. Clearly, this brand was due for a tasty new look.

New Snack Sack and Site

Lay’s has revamped the look of their brand and iconic bag, giving it a more modern and streamlined feel. The new packaging highlights each flavor with aesthetically pleasing photography, paralleling the ever-popular Instagram food culture. This brand’s website also reflects the new, modernized redesign. Overall, this refresh gives Lay’s an authentic feel, which is HUGE for younger consumers – namely, Generation Z. When it comes to online content, this generation is an expert as they spend the most time online.

What’s the big deal about Generation Z? Well, many reports suggest that the generation will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020, emphasizing the importance of gaining their loyalty. This generation’s dedication to authenticity is well-known and they take their buying habits more seriously than any other generation. Instead of being told what to spend their money on, Generation Z reflects a general desire to choose what they want.

Competition Crunch

Generation Z holds a significant amount of purchasing power, and many brands are beginning to pick up on it. The trick is, they are much more resistant to advertising, especially when it comes to digital. For example, take a look at Doritos latest ads. For their “Another Level” campaign, Doritos went as far as to drop their logo altogether in an attempt to reach younger consumers. With less text and a much smaller logo, Lay’s appears to be following suit with toning down their branding.

Now more than ever, it is crucial for brands to evolve with the public and adjust their strategies to stay relevant. In 2019, it looks like creating personalized and authentic content is what keeps a brand being all that and a bag of chips.

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