Spilling The Beans

For most of my life I’ve gone by Cat- short for Catalina. I recently realized that I actually really love my full name. Catalina is a popular name in my family’s home country, Colombia, so going by it helps me feel connected to my culture and less like every other “Cat” out there. Plus, I’m more of a dog person anyway!

After being encouraged to come up with a cool Rockstar name, I immediately thought of Cat. But that was way too easy and expected. I wanted to be more abstract with my new name, so I looked to my last name – Pinto. Then I remembered a nickname I had in elementary school, “Pinto Bean Burrito.” Funny enough, beans were one of two things my cooking-challenged Hispanic mother knew how to make, so growing up involved eating enough beans to become a Pinto Bean myself.

Pinto Bean. I liked that!

Beyond the bean, I was born and raised here in Houston. I’ve stayed to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Advertising at the University of Houston, with a minor in Leadership Studies. I enjoy experimenting with healthy cooking and trying new things in general, which probably contributed to my scuba diving and sailing certifications. I consider myself well-traveled and love studying other cultures and people. With so many talented coworkers, I know I have a lot to learn. I’m excited at the prospect of learning more about how we can all work together to achieve fearless creativity and deliberate strategy. Overall, I couldn’t have bean happier to end up at Satori!

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