Battle of the Brands: The Final Battle

We are sad to say our summer blog series has come to an end, but like every good journey, we have learned some valuable lessons along the way. Let’s take a moment to reflect on our past summer together *cue sad, sentimental music*.

Cola Wars: Make your brand stick.

Find a branding that fits your company best and stick with it! Both Pepsi and Coke are incredibly successful brands, but one thing that gives Coca-Cola the upper hand is their brand consistency. Pepsi’s logo and targeting have changed so much over the years; while the iconic Coke logo is ingrained in our brains. Nothing is wrong with a little brand re-fresh to keep up with the times. But a timeless logo, strong brand recognition, and great marketing can go a long way.

 Big-Box Wars: Quality over quantity always pays off.

 When it comes to quantity, Walmart wins. Their stores are everywhere! But what puts Target on top is their emphasis on quality. Customers would rather drive a little further to find a Target knowing they will get quality products, quality service, and a quality experience.

 Streaming Services Showdown: Know your competitors.

This was our closest battle, and honestly, both options were strong contenders. So, what do we learn if there is no front runner? The reason these two companies are so successful is because they each capitalized on each other’s weaknesses. Netflix’s shows aren’t updated immediately, so what did Hulu do? Add episodes the day after they air! Hulu has a more limited selection, so what did Netflix do? Curate the largest streaming library of them all.

 Ride-Hailing Rivalry: Reputation can change the game.

 Uber was the top contender for years, with Lyft trailing behind them. What changed? Their reputation. Uber found themselves drowning in scandal after scandal, creating bad PR. Lyft remained scandal-free and surpassed Uber as the favorite ride-hailing app.

 Fast-Food Faceoff: Gather a fan-base.

 Do Whataburger and In-N-Out always have the best food? No, but they are two of the most popular fast-food chains. Why? They have such a strong fan-base. Their fan’s dedication and loyalty makes keeps them at the top. If Texan’s weren’t always screaming about our undying love for Whataburger, they might not be nearly as popular as they are.

 Fight-or-Flight Feud: Customer Service is EVERYTHING.

 The way you treat your customers and employees makes the most significant impact. Southwest may not offer the same luxuries as other airlines, but people still choose to fly with them knowing they’ll receive great customer service. Southwest also knows if you treat your employees well, they will treat their customers well. Treating others well is truly contagious!

Wow, a summer full of fun, friendly competition, AND we learned a few things! We would say it was a win-win. However, all good things must come to an end. R.I.P Battle of the Brands.

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