Satori Marketing is Making a Difference on Clutch

Ever get the feeling you’re doing things just a little differently? So do we. Some may say that it’s a bad thing to take too many people with too many ideas and try to put them all together, but we disagree. At Satori Marketing, our growing team brings their A-game to every project we take on, and it shows on Clutch.

We work hard to give our clients the right design, marketing, and advertising that meets their needs. Recently, these amazing partners let us know how we’re doing on Clutch.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. The firm performs extensive research on creative, marketing, and advertising agencies around the world. Research results are published and made available to business buyers to help them find partners they need. Clutch uses over one dozen criteria in their research methodology, but the most important facet is client reviews.

We’re proud that our client reviews have helped land us a 5-star score. In their phone calls with Clutch, some of our clients highlighted the results of our work together, our team’s communication, and our creativity. Keep scrolling to see what they said:

“We’re getting more engagement on all of our social media networks. Our new clients are visiting our website and learning more about us before we even start pitching, which is excellent. My clients have raved about our website and how easy it is to understand exactly what we do. We’re in a market that is difficult to understand, so the fact that our website communicates what we do is excellent, and Satori helped us do that.”

“They listen intently to their clients. They can turnaround what I’ve said –as cryptic as it may be– in 1 or 2 days. Many companies can’t work that fast or as close to the clients intent. Furthermore, they’re not afraid to research my concepts and return with informed alternatives. Not everyone will do that.”

“We have contact with a lot of the staff at Satori. I know there are specialists within the group, but they all communicate well with us. They all know exactly where we are in our strategic and tactical plan, and they know what’s next.”

We’re so excited our clients are reaping the benefits of our team’s hard work.

Curious about what else Satori can do? Head on over to Clutch to read our full reviews on our profile.

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