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While the Satori Rockstars might still be recovering from the awesomeness that was Halloween, that didn’t stop the rest of the marketing industry from switching gears into the holiday season. We love decking the halls just as much as the next guy, but we are always surprised when November 1st hits and the world magically becomes a winter wonderland. So, what exactly is the reason behind this instant change? Two words: seasonal marketing, and there’s no better way to understand seasonal marketing than by taking a look at our favorite seasonal campaigns.


There’s no better opener to the holiday season than Starbucks, finally releasing their holiday cups and menus. While we do love the perfectly seasoned holiday drinks, their menu isn’t that only thing that makes them a favorite holiday treat. Starbucks Red Cups are a gift in themselves. There is no better way to say merry and bright than walking around with a classic decorative Starbucks cup. But what keeps customers on their toes is the fact that each year (since 1997), the cups take on a new unique design. Although an anticipated tradition, the limited-edition cups get their customers excited every year. And in case you haven’t seen them yet, we’ve added the 2019 Red Cup reveal.

Starbucks red cups 2019


Incorporating humor into your marketing campaign? Classic. Incorporating humor into your seasonal marketing campaign? Genius. No one can top a humorous seasonal marketing campaign more than HotelTonight’s “Visit, Don’t Stay” campaign. While the holidays are a great time to spend with your family, sometimes you end up spending too much time with them. HotelTonight gives you the opportunity to avoid those awkward yet inevitable questions that we all face when surrounded by family during the holidays.

Hotel Tonight holiday advertisements


While electronics are constantly consuming our lives, Apple uses this to create a marketing campaign that melts even the Grinch’s heart. The commercial features a young teenage boy, playing on his phone rather than taking part in the classic Christmas family fun. He stays buried in his phone, while his family plays in the snow and decorates the tree. In the end, the boy surprises us all with a perfect Christmas gift. It’s sure to make you cry. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

Apple’s campaign is a perfect example of a timeless piece that is simple but continues to connect us all. Sentimental campaigns grab our attention by touching our hearts. It makes the campaigns feel more relatable and personal.

So, what can we learn from these seasonal marketing masterpieces? Starbucks teaches us that even traditions with a classic holiday twist can bring smiles to your customer’s faces. Keep them new, keep them exciting, and make sure whatever it is, it’s only around for a limited time. HotelTonight teaches us to make it humorous. Sometimes the holidays can get too serious. Take off some of the stress of cooking and shopping with a good chuckle. Lastly, Apple teaches us to make it timeless. Just because these campaigns are seasonal, doesn’t mean they can’t make an impact. Create a campaign that can give you that same sentimental feeling year after year.

Do you have a seasonal campaign stuffed in your stocking this year? Or maybe you’re thinking about creating one next year? However, you decide to spread your seasonal cheer, you better make it good, otherwise, you might get left behind in the holiday shuffle. But then again…you can always call an expert 😉.

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