Heineman’s got heart!

Sound the alarms, another client has joined the Satori train. Welcome to the Satori Station, Heineman Medical Outreach! We’re so excited to get to work with them and support such a wonderful cause.

Heineman who?

Heineman Medical Outreach is a non-profit organization that has been tirelessly working since 1959 to help people that need medical assistance both nationally and internationally. They work with their partners and volunteers to donate necessary medical equipment to underserved countries. They also and provide critical organizational assistance across the globe. Their main goal? To uplift communities through educational opportunities and give them the ability to empower themselves.

As of today, Heineman has donated over $32.4 million in medical and electronic equipment. Some of their most recent international donations include, entire cardiac catheterization labs, fully stocked intensive care units, medical equipment and supplies to orphanages and clinics, and refurbished computers to young children. They also provide vital medical training to staff members who will use the donated equipment.

Supporting with Service

Heineman has participated in initiatives and projects across the world from Antigua to Zimbabwe, touching over 1 million lives.

Their Technology to Educate program works to establish computer labs for students in rural Guatemala. Through this initiative and others, they have donated more than 20,000 computers, valued at $9.2 million, to 500,000 students. At Heineman, an astounding 100% of donated funds go directly towards designated projects like these. This means that the 90% of schools in Guatemala that don’t have access to technology get the support they need to help their students prosper.

Satori’s Share

Over the summer, Satori’s very own Marché and Ashley traveled to Guatemala to a local hospital in Totonicapán, Guatemala to help watch a new intensive care unit come to life with Heineman Medical Outreach. A team of very dedicated biomedical engineers helped install new ventilators, monitors, infusion pumps, and defibrillators – all donated by Heineman. Satori was there to capture it all and share the story with the world. It was amazing, and the doctors and nurses on staff were eternally grateful! Check out the new adult intensive care unit at Hospital Nacional Totonicapán on Heineman’s Facebook Page.

Once home and significantly inspired, the Satori team immediately got to work on helping Heineman craft meaningful ways to share their success with the world – including a fresh, new website!

Stay tuned for the launch of Heineman’s new website (coming soon) and of course keep up with their ongoing programs, projects, and initiatives through social media!

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