Friday Faves: Houston Edition

In our eyes, Houston is one of the greatest cities on Earth. Houston is known for its outstanding art scene, the incredible sports teams, and some world-changing celebrities. If you are not a native Houstonian, you probably don’t understand the obsession with our hometown. But you should. Houston is that amazing. We have fought off a devastating tropical storm, won a World Series, and hosted a Super Bowl all in the same year.

Houston has developed a great reputation for being such a diverse metropolitan city. Our hometown has taken many steps to build such an incredible reputation. Likewise, your business could do the same to form a credible reputation.

Let us tell you about some of the best features of our city:

Art Everywhere

When driving on I-10 towards Downtown, you have probably seen the giant presidential heads known as “Mount Rush Hour” displaying sculptures of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Sam Houston, and Stephen F. Austin. If you have been to the Galleria, you have definitely seen the massive Water Wall, an architectural masterpiece. The “Be Someone” sign painted over I-45 is the most well-known graffiti art in the entire city. You can’t forget the breath-taking Downtown skyline, too. These are just a few of the most legendary images from Houston.

Whether you are a native Houstonian or not, you have seen these Houston landmarks. So, how can your business create some attractive landmarks that people will identify with your company? Here are a few simple things you can do to make your business stand out like the Downtown skyline:

• Create a logo and brand people remember.
• Write a tagline that gets stuck in your head.
• Design a fabulous website with the best visuals you can grab.
• Produce attractive content for company blogs and social media.
• Spice up your office space. Make it the place your clients want to meet.

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Best Team in the League

Just in case you forgot, the ASTROS WON THE WORLD SERIES! We’re still excited about it. The city is still excited about it. (Well, Marché isn’t that excited, but that’s another story.) Houston has been partying ever since. Just a few days ago, the Houston Astros won the Best Team Award at the 2018 ESPYS. That’s not just the best baseball team, but the best team out of all sports! Pretty crazy stuff.

Not only have the Astros been at the top of their league recently, the Rockets have too! The Rockets won 65 games in their last season and almost made it to the finals! Houston gained a lot of attention from NBA fans this past year, making it possible for the Rockets to win it all next season.

Now back to reality. Your business probably isn’t a major league sports team. However, your business could absolutely become one of the best players in the industry. Here are some tips on how to win the game:

• Gain points by posting click-worthy social media content.
• Apply for awards so your business can earn a few trophies.
• Score those profit-winning clients. Aim for the big bucks, baby!

Houston Superheroes Unite!

There’s one man in town that really cares about keeping our city afloat. Who are we talking about? The incredible Mattress Mack! This man has gone miles to help make Houston a better place. His real name is Jim McIngvale, and he is the owner of the Gallery Furniture chain in the greater Houston area. If you are a Houstonian and own a television, you remember the line, “Gallery Furniture saves you money, TODAY!”

What you may not know about Mattress Mack is that he is a dedicated philanthropist. During the Hurricane Harvey crisis, he opened multiple Gallery Furniture store locations as a shelter for flood victims. He also traveled around to city in the largest Gallery Furniture moving trucks to save Houstonians from the flooding waters. This man is now praised as a Houston Superhero!

Also, one of the most popular football stars, JJ Watt, is responsible for helping Houstonians during Harvey. The JJ Watt Foundation helped raise over $37 million for flood relief efforts! When he isn’t in the Texans football gear, JJ Watt is out here helping to make our city a better place.

If your business is able to give back to the community, lend a helping hand. In a city like Houston, there are many parts of our city that could use a little generosity. Not only would giving back your community contribute to your company’s credibility, but it would also be a truly great way to help people in need.

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Overall, there are many ways your business could become just as popular and magnificent as the city of Houston. Creating a unique artistic style, scoring some wins, and getting involved in your community are key strategies for climbing your way to the top. If your company is as beloved as Houston, then you’re set for lifetimes of success.

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