Back to the Future–Satori Style

Remember 2007? Probably not like we do. For some, 2007 was just another year. But for us, it was a monumental year, and not just because 7 is a lucky number. It was our birthday year! Filled with chasing new leads and hoping our bait was good enough for the bite, there were late nights, and even earlier mornings (thank goodness for caffeine). It was an absolutely unforgettable and spectacular year. Eleven years later, we still pay tribute to the year that taught us so much, and we thought we’d take a quick trip back to 2007. Hop on.

Picture this, it’s 2007 and Marché is rolling down the highway in her Hyundai Tiburon:

  • George W. is President
  • The Colts beat the Bears to become Super Bowl champions
  • Steve Jobs announces his newest product, the iPhone
  • The “Hashtag” is invented #poundsign #comebackkid
  • Craig Biggio (Houston Astros) becomes a member of the 3000 Hit Club
  • J.K Rowling finishes the last Harry Potter book (I think we all shed a tear)
  • Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House, the first female in US history
  • Mad Men debuts (if you still haven’t seen it, start binging now!)
  • The San Antonio Spurs win their 3rd NBA Championship of the decade
  • Oh! And, Marché just signed the papers! It’s official, Satori Marketing is born!

Life is good.

Fast forward to February 1, 2018, and we open our office garage door to see a train full-steam-ahead in the distance. A lot has changed in the past eleven years, although it seems like just yesterday we opened our doors for the first time. Thank you to all of our clients and friends who have believed in us and helped us get to this point. We wouldn’t be here without you.

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