Friday Faves: Everyone Loves Dogs!

Sure, maybe not EVERYONE loves pups. But think about this. When you’re walking down the street, and someone is walking their adorable little pooch, you know you want to pet it. Every ounce of your being knows that good boy needs a good belly rub. Everyone loves dogs, and marketers love utilizing them in their business strategy.

People Trust Dogs

Canines are trustworthy, a lot more trustworthy than a pushy sales advertisement. What better reason to incorporate furry-four-legged friends into your marketing plan?! People rely on them for companionship. Think about it:

  • Who is always the most excited when you come home?
  • Who will never shame you for watching your “guilty pleasure” show?
  • Who will always love you, invariably more than your significant other?
  • YOUR DOG! Need we go on?

Pups are not only great companions, they are employed as guide dogs, emotional support dogs, and facility dogs. If people see a pooch helping a human, they find it genuine and endearing. Everyone loves them! After all, they’re a man’s best friend.

Cute Dog Videos for The Win!

When you turn on the TV, commercials featuring dogs are everywhere! They are captivating, and everyone has googly-eyes for the precious furry things. Dog commercials range from pet food advertisements to featuring brands that have absolutely nothing to do with dogs! Remember Bullseye the Target dog? How about the Heinz commercial with the frolicking dachshunds in a field dressed as hot dogs? Of course, you do!

Another incredible way to use puppers as a tool for your business is to incorporate them into your social media strategy. When you log into Facebook or Instagram, you are bound to see a cute pooch video. Strategically using furry friends in your social media marketing can create perfect engagement opportunities! If you’re really good, your posts might even go viral! For example, HomeGoods featured internet star Doug the Pug on the web, appealing to home décor fans and the dog-owner community. Doug the Pug even made sponsored posts for HomeGoods on his Facebook account. HomeGoods also featured Elvis the French Bulldog on an Instagram post! By using social media to target both your area of expertise and the dog world, your strategy is petting two dogs with one hand! How many more signs do you need?! They are all pointing to the fact that EVERYONE LOVES PUPS!

All Kinds of People Have Dogs

Dogs speak to many different audiences. No matter the demographic (unless you’re in the cat business) no one can say no to a dog. Many people own dogs themselves and their dogs are a major part of their personal lives. Your marketing strategy may be looking for a new angle to reach a wider audience. Incorporating something that targets a client’s personal life, like their admiration for canines, is a great strategy! Playing to the strengths of your audience’s personal lives will strengthen their interest in your business.

We Party With Pups!

Here at the office, we’re pretty avid dog lovers ourselves. We’re throwing an event today, benefiting the Houston SPCA, called Turn Up with Your Pup! If you can make it down to EaDo, the party starts at 3:00 on the dot! We’re celebrating dogs and doing our part to save the homeless dog population in our community. Bring all of your furry friends!

To find out more about Turn Up with Your Pup, visit the website here!


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