Battle of the Brands: Ride-Hailing Rivalry

Ride-Hailing apps have taken quite a twist on traditional transportation. While they go against everything we were taught as kids (*cough cough* don’t get in a stranger’s car), they are so handy! Need a ride to the airport and don’t want to pay crazy airport parking prices? There’s an app for that. Meeting your friends out and want to get a safe ride home? There’s an app for that. While this ride-hailing app market might be new, there is already a rivalry brewing between the two big shots, Lyft and Uber. Let’s take a closer look.

 In this corner, we have Uber!

 Uber originally started as a luxury car service but then realized how beneficial a ride-hailing app could be. In 2011, UberX was created, allowing anyone with a car the chance to drive around strangers and get paid (with a reasonable background check). The company has since grown to include features like Uber XL and Uber Black.

Uber has added a few unique features that allow them to stand out from their competitor. One, in particular, is their UberASSIST option which provides their driving services to seniors and those with disabilities. Their prices are relatively reasonable, starting at $1 base price and an additional $1-2 with every mile. Uber also allows you to easily split the fare between riders. Unfortunately, Uber has been featured in numerous scandals in the past few years, many of them relating to employee mistreatment. Sexual harassment, supreme court cases, and lawsuits are just a few of the skeletons in Uber’s closet all of which have tremendously helped their competitors in market shares.

 And in this corner, we have Lyft!

 Lyft was created shortly after Uber in 2013. Their cars could be easily identified as they pulled up with pink mustaches on the grills. A little strange, but hey, whatever makes your brand stand out. Lyft offers very similar services to Uber with features like Lyft XL, Lux, Lux Black, and Lux Black XL. Their pricing is very similar to Uber, however, the two constantly compete for the lowest prices.

So, what makes Lyft stand out? Well, amid Uber’s scandals, Lyft was able to take advantage of building their brand with a positive reputation. Lyft looked into which scandals were hurting Uber most and built their company on the latter. They started advertising their employee benefits and marketed themselves as a company that puts employees first. Overall, Lyft transformed its brand into a company for the people. They want their riders to know, the company is focused on their experience and safety, and they wanted their employees to know they are valued.

Who do you think won the Ride-Hailing Rivalry? Uber or Lyft?

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