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    A Project Brief is a tool to ensure clarity of direction, accountability and clear communication between our teams. By filling out the Project Brief, you let us know what deliverables are needed, when they’re needed and what assets you need to provide to help us complete them.

    It helps to avoid unclear expectations, last-minute requests, information search and a delay in response times—all improving efficiency and your bottom line.

    Response times must be adhered to in order to maintain the agreed-upon delivery dates and avoid rush fees.

    • Please fill out the brief as completely as possible, including all decision makers, milestones and deadlines.
    • All assets and background information to support the project should be provided to Satori at the same time as the brief.
    • When we receive the brief from you, we’ll review, offer any edits and send it back to you as needed.
    • Both parties sign off and the creativity and efficiency begin!
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    Team Members:
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    Estimated Labor Hours for Project:
    (please list your role and your estimated hours for this project)
    Estimated Hours
    Project Details
    (ALL milestones & deadlines are dependent on Client providing necessary info and content: except in the case of RUSH jobs, only use weekdays as a Milestone/Deadline date.)
    Milestone / Deadline
    Responsible Party
    Complete Project Brief is sent to Satori*
    Satori reviews & sends questions/edits/acceptance*
    All parties sign off Brief*
    Client sends ALL needed assets/content to Satori*
    Satori sends 1st draft to Client for review*
    Client sends edits to Satori*
    Satori makes edits and sends revised version*
    Client review/sends additional edits/approves*
    Satori provides file finalization & distribution*